Basics of CSR and Sustainability


Series 1: Introduction to CSR and Sustainability:

Laws – CSR Life Cycle – Need Assessment – Monitoring – Social Audit Reports – Difference between CSR and Sustainability – Project Management – designing and implementation,


Series 2: Need of CSR & Sustainability:

Importance of CSR & sustainability concepts to Business houses, Ngo’s etc. Challenges faced by Corporates, Govt. Ngo’s & others , Application of CSR under management verticals . Social Return on Investment Tool.


Series 3: CSR Trends:

Trends in CSR National and International


Series 4: Environment and Sustainability:

Environment Management, Indicators for environment management for a company. – Measuring Carbon emissions – Environment audit. Application of environment, social and governance metrics – Importance of ESG in a corporate.


Series 5: Circular Economy:

Introduction to circular economy – Application of circular economy – Challenges and opportunities.


Series 6: Public Policy and stakeholder management:

Public Policy – People, Public, Private Partnership models – Stakeholder mapping – Stakeholder Analysis – Stakeholder engagement.


Series 7: Sustainability Indexes:

Introduction, Types, Ranking & Grading.


Series 8: Global Reporting & Integrated Reporting:

Introduction to GRI Reporting – Indicators on GRI reporting – Case study and application.  Introduction to Integrated reporting – Difference between GRI and IR.

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Gurpreet Kaur

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