Empanelled Trainers

Dr. Yogendra Saxena

Dr. Miguel Gardetti

Miguel Angel Gardetti Ph.D. He has been the head of the Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability (IESC) since its foundation in 2002, and he also holds the same position at the Center for Study of Sustainable Luxury. He is head professor in MBA and master’s programs both in Argentina and abroad. He has provided training within frameworks of executive education and in house programmes to CEOs and Corporate Managers both from domestic and multinational companies in Argentina and Latin America.

As to Luxury and Sustainability, he was the founder and director of the IE Award for Sustainability in the Premium & Luxury Sectors. Also –in this field and as co-editor- he developed several publications such as, for example, a special issue on “Sustainable Luxury” within the framework of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship; the book titled “Sustainable Luxury: Managing Social and Environmental Performance In Iconic Brands”; the two volumes of the “Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion” and the first two volumes of “Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: histories from the Pioneers”.

He was a member of the United Nations Global Compact Promoting Group in Argentina and a member of its governance body –the Board of the Argentine Chapter of The Global Compact- for two consecutive terms. He was co-founder of the Global Compact Chair in Argentina, and he was also part of the task force that developed the “Management Responsible Education Principles” of the United Nations Global Compact.
He has also coordinated tasks for the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation (private sector arm of the World Bank), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the United Nations (New York), and the World Resources Institute (USA.)

Dr. K.K Upadhyay

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